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Self-Storage Solutions


Need a safe place to store that fourth set of golf clubs that STILL hasn’t improved HIS handicap? Is the hallway clogged up by 38 boxes of mementoes that have been in the family for five generations and can’t be discarded, or do you have excess business stock you need to store…?

If your extra possessions are taking up precious space in your home, or if your business extra stock needs to be warehoused, you need to contact Topshell – we have all the solutions to your storage problems.

Topshell Self-storage features a high-security depot situated at Stellenbosch Agri Park, Baden Powell Drive (R310) in Lynedoch, near Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Here, safe and secure storage space in Topshell containers is offered for goods of all description. An added feature is the well-laid-out shaded parking area for vehicles, boats, caravans and trailers.

Self-Storage Solutions

Self-Storage Solutions

  • Full box storage container: 2,36m wide x 5,91m long x 2,4m high
    (= 13,94m2 floor space, or 33,47m3)
  • Halfie storage container: 1,18m wide x 5,91m long x 2,4m high
    (= 6,97m2 floor space or 16,7m3)
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Shaded Undercover Parking

Shaded Undercover Parking

Your shaded undercover parking options:

  • Large shaded parking: 2,8m wide x 6,3m long x 3,4m high
  • Small shaded parking: 3m wide x 4m long x 3,4m high
  • We can also park your vehicle inside a container for additional protection
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Complete Storage Solutions

Topshell Park features many customer security benefits, including:

  • Ease of access.
  • Access control.
  • Security fencing around Topshell Park premises.
  • Secondary security fence around self-storage depot.
  • Security guards on patrol in the area.
  • Convenient access for storage customers - 24/7/365.
  • Shaded or container parking adds extra protection for your vehicles.
  • Access control through FREE cellphone call.
  • Access from Baden Powell Drive is via a controlled main entrance gate. Afterhours and over weekends, this main entrance gate is closed, and access through the main gate is controlled via an automatic cellular phone link (ACPL). All calls to the ACPL are FREE of charge.
  • The Topshell Self-storage depot is a secondary secured and fenced area situated within the boundaries of the bigger Topshell Park security area, which is also fenced.
  • Access into the Self-storage depot is via a secondary gate which is controlled by a second ACPL. This gate is closed at all times and can only be opened by Self-storage customers. NO security personnel have access through this secondary gate.
  • The ACPL cellular phone system is simple to operate - during registration, your cell number is loaded into the system. When you want to gain access to Topshell Park - simply call the ACPL number and the gate will open.
  • The gates will ONLY open if called from your registered cell phone. All calls are logged automatically, and any call made from an unregistered phone is tracked.
  • Only senior management staff have access to the Self-storage depot - you are totally private.
  • Customers provide their own padlocks to their rented storage containers and are therefore only they have access to their individual units.
  • Security guards - during business hours, Topshell personnel are on site. After hours, on weekends and public holidays, the park is patrolled by security.

Self-Storage Applications

  • Retail industry - storage of peak season extra stock
  • Commercial storage
  • Safe storage for your household goods.
  • Vehicles, boats and Caravans
  • Students storing belongings during university holidays

Self-Storage Pricing

Storage item Unit rate/month ex VAT Unit rate/month incl. VAT


5,85m long x 1,17m wide x 2,4m high




5,85m long x 2,35m wide x 2,4m high; 13,75m2, 32,9m3




6,3m long x 2,8m wide x 3,4m high