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Life Solutions

Western Cape

We create movable working and living spaces

Topshell Life products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Life products can either be 6m or 12m container based (standard height or high cube) or in-house custom-designed and manufactured pods up to 12m x 3,4m. Fully-equipped pods or containers can be used for various applications such as primary health care clinics, health spazas, crèches, office space, technology hubs, mountain break-away cabins and bakeries, to mention a few. Our in-house design capability allows us to listen to our customers and provide them with custom-designed and manufactured solutions that exceed their expectations. Our passion is to create spaces where you can live your dream.

Topshell Life offers a versatile range of container- and pod-based products which are aimed at improving the lives of people by providing safe, secure and comfortable enclosed spaces.

We use either standard ISO 6m and 12m containers as the base for conversions, or we design and build custom pods up to 3,4m wide (6m and 12m) for expandable life complexes that can be joined together to create movable space solutions for anyone, anywhere, with minimal installation time and minimum infrastructure.

Their modular and highly-versatile design allows us to create facilities such as operating theatres, dentistries, control rooms, veterinary clinics, offices, schools and ablution blocks.  All these pods can be relocated to another site at any time as and when required. Buildings simply become redundant if their necessity diminishes, but our life complexes simply get relocated. These facilities can be single- or multi-storied. Always ready to adapt and transform, there is virtually no limit to their space-fulfilling potential.  They are transported by road, rail or sea. Please contact us so we can design and build your dream

Life Applications

We have designed, manufactured and delivered:

  • Medical clinics complexes for rural health improvement with:
    • Full dental care consultation room with x-ray facilities
    • Doctor consulting rooms
    • Pharmacies
    • Trauma units
    • Ablution facilities
    • Oncology treatment facilities with their associated laboratories
  • Health spaza shops for the dispensing of over-the-counter medication in townships
  • Bakeries
  • Technology hubs
  • Power generator housing packs
  • Library and IT rooms
  • Control room and battery banks for solar power installations
  • Library and IT rooms
  • Access control points with turnstiles
  • Country-style wine shops
  • Document stores
  • Crèches with sick bay, kitchen, cold room, etc.

Life Pricing

All Topshell Life pods are designed to customer specifications. They come standard with superior quality finishes and offer optional space solutions. Topshell Life Pods embrace the latest developments in energy saving, alternative energy, LED lighting, inverter-type air conditioning and insulation standards.

Please contact us for a customised quoting solution to meet your needs.